Keep your room clean in 8 steps

The following are some tips and tricks that will make you enjoy the task of maintaining order and cleanliness in one of our favorite places at home.

  1. The first task of the day. Don’t leave the room without first making your bed. This will be the first accomplishment of the day, will make it easier for your room to start looking tidy and will avoid a common temptation in the mornings: getting back into the covers.
  2. Keep your bed uncluttered. Once you’ve made your bed, avoid putting the previous day’s clothes on it or filling it with items that would be better off on a desk or bookshelf. This will help maintain hygiene and your room will not end up being the place where everything you didn’t put in its place.
  3. Wash sheets, blankets, and curtains. This is the best time to be up to date with every blanket and cover you have on your bed. Besides avoiding the accumulation of some impurities, you will sleep with a feeling of cleanliness that will make it easier for you to sleep comfortably.
  4. The night table. Check every morning what you have on it and leave only what is necessary. You will avoid filling this space with items that you do not use or that you have not taken to the kitchen.
  5. Check your closet. While you spend time at home, take the opportunity to put your closet in order. Select your clothes: the ones you still wear, the ones that are still in good condition and you don’t wear anymore, and the ones that are deteriorated; the second ones you organize to donate and the last ones you throw away.
  6. Renew the air in your room. Every morning, when you start your day, open your window or door to let the air flow. This will help you to have the feeling of a new environment and will facilitate the accumulation of some dust particles to diminish without affecting your health.
  7. What do I do with my desk? If you also have a space in your room to work or study, make sure it only has what is necessary: the cleaner it is, the more concentration you will have when doing your work or academic activities. Do not leave crockery, clothes or excess books in it. Every time you are going to use it, remember to clean it to remove any impurities it may have.
  8. Clean the floor. This recommendation is not only for your bedroom. However, keeping the floor clean, perhaps with some aromatizer of your taste, will make your room have a better atmosphere. A little water with some detergent will remove any dirt and keep your space protected.

Good physical and mental health begins with a clean and tidy home. Make an effort today to leave everything in its place and you will see how your tasks for the day will begin to flow in a better way.

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